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Practice Areas

We are not only a LAW FIRM

The Firm provides assistance and consultancy in a broad range of legal sector, from company laws and IP and industrial laws, related to innovative process. Massimo Simbula provides continuos legal assistance on a flat fee basis to innovative startup, digital incubators, ventures capital specialized in the digital business.

Please find herebelow more details of the services rendered.

& New Technologies


& Smart Contract

DeFi & DAO





& Commercial

Intellectual Property
& Copyright

Consumer Law

Real Estate


The Law Firm provides legal assistance related Energy and renewable including intersection between distribution system, new technologies and P2P energy sharing. The Law Firm offers in particular the following services:

  • Production, distribution, commercialization and sales of energy both wholesail and retail.

  • Draft of Smart Contract scheme and fine tuning of IT architecture on legal side aimed to automatize recharging system and providers of energy solutions.

  • Cryptographic Tokens on Blockchain connected to the production, distribution, sales and use of electric energy

  • Treatment of personal and non personal data related the use of electric energy

  • Blockchain solution for mapping the use of electric energy and the provenience of the renewable source

  • Contracts for mining of cryptocurrencies and management of electric energy plants..

  • Draft of terms of use for purchasing recharge of electric energy

  • Assistance to Energy Service Company


The Law Firm is intensively active, since 2013, in legal support related cryptocurrencies, blockchain, smart contract.
The Firm support companies and individuals in a wide range of activities including

  • creation, production and commercialization of cryptographic tokens based on Blockchain.

  • Utility Token, Security Token, Payment Token, Hybrid Token, NFT, and other forms of use and commercialization of cryptoactivties.

  • Privacy in cryptoactivities field

  • Consumer laws and cryptoactivities

  • Banking and financial laws and regulatory laws related cryptoactivities

  • Representation in authorization process at the relevant Italian and European authorities in order to obtain relevant authorization to operate.

  • Terms of Service and contracts related commercialization and production in cryptoactivities

  • Exchange of cryptocurrencies and related regulatory issues

  • Representation for registration of companies at the competent register of exchange of cryptocurrencies (including OAM in Italy)

  • AML and KYC for Virtual Asset Service Provider (VASP)

Blockchain & Smart Contract

  • Draft of terms and condition for smart contracts in coordination with developers and IT managers.

  • Definition of potential oracles and trigger elements of smart contracts

  • FinTech solutions connected to smart contract

  • OTC derivatives and other financial products and securities managed through smart contracts

  • Blockchain solution for private companies and public administration related to regulatory and administrative process (RegTech).

  • Digital signature based on blockchain

  • Privacy by design solution for blockchain architecture

DeFi & DAO

  • Legal support related Decentralized Finance, including staking and escrow solution.

  • Banking and Finance, Consumer Laws, production, commercialization, sale of IT solutions tied to Decentralized Finance

  • Chief Legal Officer and assistance in international issues related Decentralized Finance and Decentralized Autonomous Organization.

  • Feasibility plan related legal aspects and management of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAO).

  • Legal aspects Electronic Votes in association, companies and other private and public institutions


  • Legal assistance in creation, production and commercialization of Non Fungible Tokens (NFT)

  • Tax, finance and regulatory issues related NFT

  • Sports ed NFT

  • Consumer laws and NFT

  • Data Protection and NFT

  • General terms of sale of NFT

  • B2B agreement for NFT and management of agreements and general terms related third parties platforms ( and others)

  • Copyright, Trademarks, and intellectual property rights in general related production, commercialization and sale of NFT


  • Compliance to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

  • GAP Analysis

  • Data Protection Officer for private companies and public institutions

  • Consultancy related privacy and draft of all the relevant documents and contracts concerning treatment of personal.

  • Records of processing activities

  • Data Protection Impact assessment

  • Representation in front of the relevant National Data Protection Authorities

  • Litigation concerning violation of laws on personal data both at Data Protection Authorities and in Court


  • Representation and consultancy related registration as exchange of cryptocurrencies at the Italian register OAM and request of license at UIF OAM for notice of suspect operations SOS/SARA
  • Draft and implementation of AML procedures;
  • draft of models for AML notice to the relevant authorities;
  • continuative assistance for management of monitoring and notice according to AML provisions.


  •  Continuative assistance in favor of companies operating in the Cybersecurity field
  • Due Diligence and merger and acquisition for companies operating in the Cybersecurity field
  • Contracts and commercial laws related cybersecurity activities
  • IP, privacy, confidentiality, criminal and civil laws specifically related to cybersecurity activities
  • Assistance for tracing cryptocurrencies and legal related issues, in partnership with CHAINALYSIS.INC 
  • Fraudulent access to a Data Base and steal of softwares and data
  • Software and telecommunication damages;
  • Data leaks;
  • Malicoius Software (Malware) and Illegal Botnets attacks;
  • Hacker and computer security;
  • Open source fair use;
  • Defamation and libel
  • Cyberbullying
  • Sexual Cyber-predators
  • Sexting
  • Flaming
  • Happy Slapping
  • Impersonation
  • Dissing
  • exclusion
  • text polls
  • on line wars

The Firm is the legal consultant of the Internet Watch Organization for Cybercrime in Italy, created by the Ministry of Justice – Juvenile crimes department.


  • Set-up of Companies and creation of special categories of shares and quotas
  • Startup
  • Joint ventures
  • Consotium
  • Association
  • Trust and foundation
  • Shareholders agreements
  • Share-Purchase agreements
  • Share Capital Increase
  • Stock Option plan
  • Legal issues related liabilities of Directors and insurance policies of the company
  • Merger and Acquisition
  • Finance and Investment
  • Venture Capital and Private Equity Funds
  • Spin-Off, Universities and Research Centers
  • Sale of assets
  • Financial obbligations
  • Fund raising, start-up, early stage investment, business incubator, LBO, MBO, MBI, BIMBO.

Intellectual Property & Copyright

  • Trademark registration
  • Patents
  • Experties and evaluation of trademarks
  • License and transfer of intellectual property rights
  • Sofwtare protection
  • Protection and management of copyrights with particular reference to new technologies (such as Metaverse, NFT, Blockchain, Criptoactivities, e-commerce)
  • Legal issues related protection and optimization of brands with particular reference to the digital environment (including social networks, marketplaces, metaverse, etc.)
  • Availability and priority research for trademarks and intellectual property rights

Consumer Law

  • Consultancy and representation related Consumer Italian and EU laws
  • Representation at the Courts and at the competent authorities related consumer laws
  • Management and consultancy for legal issues related contest
  • Gaming and reward through new technologies.

Real Estate

  • purchase and sale of property
  • procurement contracts for the development of real estate
  • assistance in the contractual and regulatory aspects of restructuring a national television broadcaster’s transmission network
  • management, administration and development contracts for real estate assets and rental business in the hospitality and retail sectors
  • contractual and regulatory assistance for fashion industry multinationals in the acquisition and opening of boutiques and showrooms
  • commercial leases
  • advice on guarantees connected to real property, such as mortgages, and on conveyance fees for property-related transactions


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