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At a startup company, speed counts. Driven by an ethos of “trust but verify,” a Startup Lawyer should stress the importance of following his instincts.

Lawyers at Simbula Law Firm provide a strategic, long-term value proposition focused on smart growth and risk-management.

Simbula Law Firm, support Digital Startup, Incubators and Ventures Capital, providing their clients with agile and smart-fast legal services, adopting the most convenient cost/efficent solutions in order to meet as much as possible the specific needs of the clients.

In this respect Simbula Law Firm assists primary Startup, Incubators and Venures Capital in their day-to-day activity, providing long and short term legal services with particular attention to the evolution of the Innovative Startup legal enviroment both in Europe and in North America as well as in Italy with a focus to Legislative Decree no. 179/2012 and the related innovation in corporate and labor law (like work for equity, equity crowdfunding, buy back, listing at stock exchange and ordinary and extraordinary corporate operations).